Updates About NCAA Football 10

First things first: the website for NCAA Football 10 Season Showdown will not go live till the 14th of July. If you try accessing it prior to that date, you will merely be redirected. To help abate your frustration, we have gathered several exciting tidbits of information about one of the most highly anticipated games of 2009.

TeamBuilder Web Application

If you have an original PS3 or Xbox 360 version of NCAA Football 10, you’ll receive a code that unlocks 12 slots. This means you’ll be able to create up to a dozen teams and save them to your hard drive. ข่าวบอล Those who pre-ordered will receive a code for thirteen more slots, giving them a chance to build up to 25 teams in total.

With every created team, a player virtually has endless ways of customizing it, from rosters to fields to logos and uniforms.

Earning Extra Credits during the Pre-Season

There is about a month-long gap between the opening of the regular football season and the release of EA Sports’ Season Showdown. If you think you’ll be forced to stay idle during that time, think again.

This period, which is referred to as the Season Showdown Pre-Season, offers players three ways to earn extra credits for their school.

Firstly, all games you win vs. any CPU-controlled team will be credited to your school’s record. Games you win versus any online opponent shall also be counted. Lastly, and this is open even to players who don’t own an original version of the game, you can log in to the Season Showdown page in the official website of EA Sports and try your hand in the NCAA Trivia Challenge.

Questions are generally historical during the pre-season but will include questions regarding the current season when the regular season opens.

Earning Credits during the Regular Season

Of course, knowing all these might not be enough to satisfy your cravings for Season Showdown. That’s totally understandable so how about some food for thought or, more specifically, would you like an opportunity to start planning your strategies this early?

You already know the different ways you can win a game and earn credits for your school. But Season Showdown also offers you the chance to earn extra credits even when you lose. You can chalk up more credits for your school by scoring high in terms of skills, strategy, loyalty, sportsmanship, underdog, and playing a game that’s worthy of being an ESPN Instant Classic.

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