Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix and Crutchfield are two of the most prominent online consumer electronics stores. They offer some of the best deals in the market, plus, they ship for free. With the great reviews about the two companies, it can be tough to select where to buy. To help you decide, read on.

Sonic Electronix

The company does not have a long history as compared to Crutchfield, but 12 years in the business is not bad at all. Founded in 2000, the company rose to prominence in the consumer electronics industry quite fast. In 2011, they were recognized as one of the best online merchants by BizRate. In addition, they are recognized by BBB with an A+ standard.

One of the greatest assets of the company is its ability to provide consumers with the cheapest deals on electronic products for cars, home, office, or personal use. In addition to the big savings you get from the discounted prices, they offer free shipping. Hence, you get to save more than what you bargained for. If that is not enough, watch out for their daily deals. You can get as much as 75% discount on a selected product.

Most consumers find the customer service to be excellent. Only a few customers ever raised concerns about their service, but it is usually about a product being out of stock. Although Crutchfield offers affordable prices, there are occasional items from Sonic Electronix that sell at cheaper prices.


The business has been around for a longer period of time as compared to Sonic Electronix. Bill Crutchfield started the business way back in 1974, and his company has gained the trust of so many customers over the years. When it comes to trust, the company excels in the category.

Crutchfield offers very affordable prices and they do ship for free as well. In fact, you can use a Crutchfield coupon to get even better deals. What amazes most customers is the excellence of their customer service and tech support. They have expert advisers you can count on anytime you need help.

Bottom Line

Both companies are definitely industry leaders in their own right. They provide great service towards customers. Then again, you have to choose between the two, sometimes. If you can find a better deal on Sonic, then go for it. However, if you want the best tech support, go for Crutchfield. You can use a Crutchfield coupon to get better deals as well.


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