Marketing Funnel For Your Business

Article marketing is one of the best long-term methods for getting your information and message out to the world. Once you discover how powerful this marketing method can be in driving highly targeted traffic to your blog and other sites you will want to know more about how to do this to build your own business and increase your visibility. Think about the people you want to reach, the sites you want to send them to, and how you will then follow up once your readers have joined your list and become a part of your community.

Write your articles with the end in mind. What I mean by this is that you will want to use the words and phrases your target market is already using when you choose your article titles and main points. I will use real estate investing as my example here. If your goal is to sell your prospects into a membership site on real estate investing, you will want to use a phrase such as how to clickfunnels review & complaints invest in real estate when writing your article. Teach the reader as much as you can about the benefits of investing in real estate so that they will be even more likely to click on your click when they get to the end of your article.

The key is to then send them to a site where they can opt in to receive a free report or audio recording on how to get started as a real estate investor. Keep it simple so that they can see what information you have to offer, give you their name and email address, and receive your free information immediately when they check their email. You will have taken then from reader to visitor to prospect in a period of just minutes.

You must then follow up on the promise you made when you first wrote the article. You shared details on your topic, in this case real estate investing, and then offered more information about this through your website. Finally, ask them to buy your product or join your membership site to receive even more valuable information that you are not giving away for free.

The result is a marketing funnel that will bring you business for years to come. It all starts with your original article, and takes your prospect away from the article directory, onto your list, and into your community of clients. You can do this over and over again when you take the time to get started with article marketing.


Three Steps To Create A Marketing Funnel That Pays

Ever wondered what a Marketing Funnel was or how to create one? In this article, you will discover how to create an Internet Marketing funnel in three simple steps. You can be building your list and making money online each and every month.

What is an Internet Marketing Funnel?

An Internet Marketing Funnel is a system where you feed leads (subscribers) through a “squeeze page” and they are introduced to your programs and products automatically through your automated messages in your auto-responder.

What will you need to create your Internet Marketing Funnel?

To setup your Internet Marketing Funnel, you will need and auto-responder and a way to create a lead capture page, either on your blog or as a stand alone page.

What are the 3 Steps?

  1. Setup Your Auto-Responder Campaign
  2. Setup Your Capture Page
  3. Setup Your Advertising

Step 1 – Setup Your Auto-Responder Campaign

First, you will setup a campaign in your Auto-responder with a series of letters about Your Products and Services. clickfunnels review & complaints Continue to add letters for each program you belong to or for each product that you have for sale… including all your affiliate programs and money making adventures – and remember to add a message for each blog post you write!

Whenever you join a new resource or program, create a follow-up message in your auto-responder series for your subscribers. Whenever you write a new blog post, add it as a follow up email to your auto-responder series. You will create a form which you will then add to your capture page.

Step 2 – Setup Your Capture Page

With your form ready, you will now setup your Lead Capture Page which is simply a page with Form which is attached to your Auto-Responder. This is designed to capture leads by giving away a product, report, or offering tips and strategies on a particular subject. You will offer something to attract subscribers.

TIP: Include your Picture and contact information on the page

Step 3 – Setup Your Advertising

Now that your Lead Capture Page is ready, you want to send traffic to attract subscribers.

Solo Ads and Viral Mailers are the fastest way to build your list. Making contact on Social Networks can also drive traffic to your page.

How to add to your Internet Marketing Funnel to Create Multiple Income Streams

Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome? Consider adding those shiny objects as simple recommendations in your Email Follow Up Series!! Your auto-responder allows for an unlimited series of follow up messages so why not recommend the products and services that you use and that pay you? Alternate your messages so as not to always be “selling” your subscribers. Share your blogs posts and other interesting items that cross your path.

pixee fox Plastic Surgery and Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

The long and interesting history of plastic surgery can be traced back to the ancient times. Doctors or medical practitioners in old India started using skin grafts to reconstruct human skin spots in the 8th century BC.

An ancient Indian surgeon named Susrutha made the first recorded nose construction. He used a portion or some skin from a forehead. During that time, nose amputations were punishable by old Indian laws.

Several millennium later, the Romans performed simple techniques like repairing damaged ears. In Europe, Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt conducted a simple plastic surgery by removing skin coming from the arm’s back and sutured it in place.

However, the practice and science of plastic surgey advanced and became common only in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was because in the old times, too much danger was attributed to plastic surgeries.

In the United States, Dr John Peter Mettauer pixee fox was the first American plastic surgeon. The first plastic surgery operation he performed was a cleft palate operation in which dates back to 1827. He designed his own instruments and operation materials.

The father of modern plastic surgery is Sir Harold Gillies. He was able to develop a number of techniques for modern plastic surgery. Sir Gillies focused on patients who suffered facial injuries during World War I.

Defining plastic surgery

The term plastic surgery is a general term referring to manual or instrumental treatment or operation performed for aesthetic or functional reasons or purposes.

The word ‘plastic’ from plastic surgey comes from a Greek ancient word ‘plastikos’ that means to shape or to mold.

There are two principal or main areas or fields of plastic surgery to date. These include:

o Reconstructive plastic surgery. This area of plastic surgery concentrates on masking or undoing destructions in the face or other external parts of the body. This form of plastic surgey include closing defects bu grafting skin with regional, local or distant flaps. Through the procedure tissues from other parts of the body is transferred to another part.

o Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is the most common form of plastic surgery nowadays. This form of plastic surgery is most of the time made to modify or improve features in the face or body that the patient finds ugly or unflattering. Examples of this kind of plastic surgery are breast reduction or breast implantation.

Lewd Text Messaging Increasing in Teenagers

According to a recent research study by Nina Funnel, lewd text messaging is an accepted practice amongst teenagers in the minor dating culture. Nina Funnel is a professional University of NSW researcher who surveyed hundreds of teenagers between the age group of 15 -18 about the habit of sending lewd texts over cell phones. What she found is shockingly risky.

The foremost reason that Miss Funnel found about racy text messaging amongst teenagers, especially girls is that it guarantees them a safe bridge for the affection of their boyfriends. Girls do this as a secure method to seek pleasure and carry flirtations with the opposite sex without any physical contact.

Most of the teenagers find lewd text messaging as a way of popularizing themselves amongst peers. The researcher added to this that somewhere they are also brainwashed by the new pop culture created by their favorite celebrities and send sexually explicit pictures and videos being fully aware of it. This casual nature of adolescents towards sexual messaging becomes much dangerous when they are conscious of the criminal prosecution followed with it.

Basically, minors have a vulnerable thought how is text messaging affecting teen literacy process that easily gets influenced. Most of the time, they underestimate the fatal consequences of their behavior for which they are to be fully responsible later. Once they click on the send button, their pictures can get public to several people within moments.

Related to the situation above, a girl named Jessica Miller faced intense social abhorrence when her naked pictures surfaced on her school website. She had sent her naked pictures to her boyfriend while being in a relationship but after her breakup, the boyfriend avenged his insult by hacking the school website and posting Jessica’s pictures there.

For the next five years, she was mocked and teased at her school and called as a slut. This period of social atrocity only made move to another school with her family’s support. Jessica’s parents could not file a police report because they feared that she might get prosecuted for felony obscenity.

Thus, parents who have adolescent kids at home are advised to keep a covert check over their kids and friends through their cell phones. The best method to check their mobile phones secretly is by installing an effective mobile monitoring application in their smartphones.

Features of a Real Profound Spiritual Revival – And This is So Greatly Needed Today

Many are praying for revival – for a real genuine spiritual revival in these present days. A number of leaders meet together regularly each month in Inverness with the specific goal of praying for revival. I have been attending these Prayer Meetings for three years. This has made some of us study and read about “revival” What in essence is Revival? That can only be answered and described partially in this brief article.

One man, Duncan Campbell from the Western Isles in Scotland explained it this way. “REVIVAL is a community saturated with God. O Avivamento de Gales And so it was in Wales away back in 1904! . Reports speak of “an overwhelming sense of God’s presence and holiness at homes, at work, in shops,” even in the pubs – even in the bars!

Powerful conviction of sin follows. Many lay flat on the ground in an agony of conviction. Some people fell in a heap and cried out pitifully and loudly for mercy.

Conviction triggers off intense prayer and repentance towards God, but also confession and restitution towards man. The most remarkable confessions of sin were highly costly. Church members and officers publicly confessed hidden sin in their hearts. This resulted in long-standing debts being paid, stolen goods returned, church and family feuds healed and enemies reconciled. O how we need to see that today.

Once sin has been dealt with, the presence of God releases an overwhelming outburst of praise. It always does. A meeting would continue for eight hours with scenes of wild jubilation – but controlled jubilation – nothing outrageous.

Worship, praise, prayer, Bible reading, witnessing – these become the Christian’s whole life. Meetings couldn’t be closed and went on all night, when Revival broke out across Wales. Men came in their work clothes with their next day’s lunch packed. In Wales, we are told, prayer meetings were held in mines, trams and businesses.

Shops sold out of Bibles.

Great numbers of people accept Christ: 70,000 in two months, 85,000 in five, and more than 100,000 in half a year. By the end of the Revival in Wales, around 90 per cent of the people of Wales were attending church.

So the nation is changed. Its values become Christian. In some Welsh districts drunkenness halved, pubs went bankrupt, police had nothing to do, magistrates had no cases to try.